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All of Our Beef is

Certified Zabiha Halal
All Natural
Pasture Raised
Grass fed
Grain Free
Free of Hormones
Free of Antibiotics
Humanely Raised
Minimally Processed
Processed under Temple Grandin Animal Ethics
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Certified Halal

All of the products that we offer are strictly harvested and produced from ENA Meatpacking. All animals are certified hand slaughtered. Our policy for fresh certified halal meat allows us to have product leave the farm, be processed and placed in our store within 24 hours available for sale. We always offer the freshest product available to our customers. For the best price guaranteed, we don’t use a middleman to process our animals which allows us to pass the savings to you.

Our animals are pasture raised on our family farm in Texas.  All of our animals live a natural life, humanely raised with a strict vegetarian diet, free of antibiotics and added hormones.

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Our Beef

Halal Butcher delivers fresh, grass fed beef from our partner farms and slaughterhouse right to your home or business. We are dedicated to delivering the most delectable, flavor-packed halal beef available, including steak, burgers, beef cubes, ribs, sausages, beef hotdogs, and beef bacon, all halal, and all heavenly delicious.

Our halal beef delivery process is easy and hassle-free. And our farm-to-table delivery concept means that you are getting fresh meat every time you place an order with us. You can order our products as often as you want so that your freezer is always stocked with just the right amount of food. We treat our customers to only the highest quality halal beef, delivered right to their doorsteps!

Halal means the food has been certified as permissible for Muslims to eat. It is sourced from pure animal protein and has been slaughtered in a healthy, humane way. A more wholesome alternative to pork, you can now get scrumptious, fresh, grass fed halal beef delivered anywhere in the United States.

Halal Butcher’s mission is to offer healthy halal meat delivery at affordable prices. Check out our mouth-watering selection of halal steaks, burgers, beef ribs, beef sausage, beef hot dogs, beef bacon and so much more.