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Senat Farms

About Our Award Winning Chicken

Senat Farms
Our Poultry is hormone and antibiotic free, are 100% vegetarian grain-fed. All of our chicken are free of GMO, pesticides, and hormones.  Senat’s facility is the first slaughterhouse in the country that is dedicated fully to the Halal name.  They are humanely raised, free roaming and are the winners of Bon Appetit’s 2009 Best Tasting Chicken Award. These succulent, tender, exceptionally tasty chickens are a Penobscott/Cobb cross (originally a Maine breed) now raised in Lancaster Valley in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch

All of Our Chickens Are

All Natural
Fed a Strict Vegetarian Diet
No Animal Fats
Free of Hormones
Free of Anti-Biotics
Free of All Pesticides
Humanely Raised
All Products Zabiha Halal

Certified Halal

A good quality chicken is not just about it being clean, white, and plump. How it was grown, how it was produced, and how long it took to get to your plate? At Senat, it’s ALL about our chickens.

The Bird is the Word at Rotisseur

At Rotisseur, the bird’s the word.Matzkin taste-tested specimens from 15 providers before settling on the one that would grace his French-engineered Rotisol rotisserie (“the preferred choice of Parisian bistros”). The best bird hailed from Senat Poultry, a halal operation so clear-conscious they’ve put pictures of their Paterson, N.J., slaughterhouse on their website and invite y’all to come down for a visit now, ya hear! A co-op of Amish farmers raises Senat’s chickens without hormones and antibiotics in Lancaster, where the free-roaming roasters develop theall-important “fatty skin” that turns to sheets of crackly gold leaf in the blazing rotisserie oven.

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Our Chicken

Halal Butcher offers fresh halal chicken in the form of whole chickens, select cuts, sausage, bacon, and more, perfect for the preparation of traditional Islamic food. Halal food is a dietary code of conduct requiring that Muslims only eat meat from livestock slaughtered in a prescribed way, and that pork and certain seafood are avoided.

We offer online meat delivery of fresh halal chicken, beef, and more, available anywhere in the US. If you don’t live in a major city, it can be hard to find halal chicken and other meats used in traditional Islamic food. Halal Butcher makes it easy for you to order halal meat delivery online with a few clicks of a button.

Halal Butcher offers only the freshest, juiciest halal chicken delivered straight to your doorstep, because we understand that what people eat is important for their health and their values. It's our mission to provide healthy food options for your family.

Check out our enticing selection of tasty halal chicken in the form of whole chickens, sausage, bacon, select cuts, and so much more.