Certified Halal

At Halal Butcher Store, we offer top-tier zabiha halal meat delivery anywhere in the US. We handpick all of our animals to ensure the best quality meat to our customers. Our Muslim food butchers ensure that all of our animals are certified hand-slaughtered Halal. We do not stun, ever!

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Our Promise

When you order meat online from Halal Butcher, rest assured that all of the products we offer are strictly harvested and produced at ENA Meatpacking. All animals are certified hand slaughtered. Our policy for fresh certified halal meat allows us to have product leave the farm, be processed and placed in our store within 24 hours available for sale. We always offer the freshest zabiha halal meat delivery available to our customers. For the best price guaranteed from any Muslim food butcher, we don’t use a middleman to process our animals which allows us to pass the savings to you.

Our animals are pasture raised on our family farm in Texas. All of our animals live a natural life, humanely raised with a strict vegetarian diet, free of antibiotics and added hormones.

100% Halal Meats

Zabiha Halal Certified

All of our meats are Certified Zabiha Halal by WASEELA and the Society of American Muslims, delivering 100% hand-slaughtered fresh zabiha-halal meat to all of our customers. Our facility has been inspected by the USDA and is in complete compliance with all Islamic dietary laws, rendering all of our products suitable for consumption by Muslims as per shari’a (Islamic Law).

All of our animals are

Certified Zabiha Halal
All Natural
Pasture Raised
Grass fed
Grain Free
Hormone Free
Antibiotic Free
Humanely Raised
Minimally Processed
Processed under Temple Grandin Animal Ethics
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*Please contact us for our Halal Certificate

Senat Farms

About Our Award Winning Chicken

Senat Farms
Our Poultry is hormone and antibiotic free, and 100% vegetarian grain-fed. All of our chicken is free of GMO, pesticides, and hormones. Senat’s facility is the first slaughterhouse in the country that is dedicated fully to the Halal name. They are humanely raised, free roaming and are the winners of Bon Appetit’s 2009 Best Tasting Chicken Award. These succulent, tender, exceptionally tasty chickens are a Penobscott/Cobb cross (originally a Maine breed) now raised in Lancaster Valley in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country.

All of Our Chickens Are

All Natural
Fed a Strict Vegetarian Diet
No Animal Fats
Free of Hormones
Free of Anti-Biotics
Free of All Pesticides
Humanely Raised
All Products Zabiha Halal